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Robyn Ottolini isn’t a guy who raps, but she does make music that will either piss you off or make you fall in love with her. Maybe a little of both. Whether she’s cursing or calling out a cheating ex, if it needs saying, Robyn is the one to say it.

Long before Robyn’s career took off in 2020 — in the middle of a global pandemic, no less — with the viral TikTok hit “F-150,” she was pretending to be the next Faith Hill or Shania Twain in the front seat of her dad’s pickup truck. Growing up in a small town outside of Toronto called Uxbridge, Robyn was raised on country music. Though her family wasn’t musical, two of Robyn’s biggest influences were part of her bloodline: her dad loved listening to female country singers, and her older sister was, well, an older sister. “She was the first hater,” Robyn jokes. “She makes me not give a shit about anything or what people say.”

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